About me

My name is Wouter van der Meij. I've been a freelance SEO consultant for a few years and I really love scalable SEO in particular. I found there were not many tools available that would help me with optimizing huge sites. Therefore, I started developing all the tools I needed myself.

Eventually this evolved into Umbrellum. I started focusing half of my time on software development, and half of my time on consulting. Umbrellum is the toolset that I wish existed years ago. It is available to anyone for any type of business, small or big.

If you have any questions, about Umbrellum, consulting services, or have a feature request, feel free to reach out.

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Wouter van der Meij

Some companies I've worked for

I've been freelancing since 2013. I've worked mostly as a technical SEO, but I've done many projects on content SEO and some link building projects as well.