Data driven market research

Umbrellum got you covered. With our market research tools you can find out what your market is looking for, what questions they are asking, and look under the hood of your competitors.

Umbrellum has the tools you need
to grow your online business.

I've built all the tools I wish existed when I was an SEO consultant. I've now made them available to everyone.

Reverse engineer your competitors

Find out what keywords competitors are ranking for. Find keywords you're missing on your website.

Keyword research tools

The keyword tools will give you a detailed overview of what your market is searching for.

Competitor insights

Umbrellum tracks all of your competitors and recognizes new and upcoming players in the market.

Example of our data

Reverse engineer your competitors

Find out what pages rank well, and what keywords they rank for. You can try the tools for free.

Keyword Gaps

What keywords is your competition ranking for, but you are not.

Ranked keywords

Retrieve a list of keywords a particular page or domain is ranking for.

Top content

Find the best ranked pages for any domain. What pages rank best?

Market research

Umbrellum consists has some very nifty market research tools built in. Simply enter a keyword you want to know more about and Umbrellum does the rest.

Keyword Discovery

A tool to discover keywords and topics your market searches for.

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Google Ads Keyword planner alternative

A simple tool that shows you the search volumes for a list of keywords you provide.

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Keyword merge

Merge lists of words to all get all possible keyword combinations, and retrieve their search volume.

Keyword database

Simply search our keyword database with millions of datapoints.

Question databse

Find out what questions your market is asking Google.

Competitor insights

Most ranking trackers allow you to track a handful of competitors. Umbrellum automatically tracks every domain in the top 100 of each keyword you want to track.

When you literally track everyone for every keyword, you can easily spot new competitors joining the market, or what sites are hit the hardest after Google updates.

Keep track of all your competitors

Be the first to spot upcoming competitors

Track every domain ranking for every keyword

Keep track of all your competitors
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