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The Umbrellum keyword database.

The Umbrellum keyword tools and ranking tracker are slowly filling a database with keywords and search volumes. Using the Google Adwords API we're fetching search volumes of thousands of keywords everyday.

Related searches

Related searches

The ranking tracker finds new related searches shown on search results and fetches their search volumes.

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Keyword suggestions

Ever seen those auto suggestions in Google when you start typing? We fetch those.

Keyword database tool

Over the years Umbrellum has collected search volume data of millions

You can now query this database. Everything is publicly available for free.

This public tool gives you access to the full dataset. You can query questions in the database about any subject. It will return the question that is shown in Google, and a so-called occurance index. The occurance index is a number between 0 and 100. The question that appears most often in the database has the occurance index of 100. This way you'll know what questions about your subject are shown most often.

How to use these People also Ask questions?

Next to a normal organic ranking in Google you can also rank inside the People also Ask box in Google. The best part is, if you know what questions are shown most often, and you can rank in them, you'll rank for multiple keywords while only answering one question.

An ever better way is to find questions that are shown for a lot of high search volume keywords. While we have that data, it's only available from inside the Umbrellum toolkit, where you can see what the cumulative search volume is of the questions that appear most often in Google.

How to use this People also Ask tool?

If you find questions around your keywords that get asked a lot you can do two things: you can update existing content by adding the question and the answer to the question. Or you can create new content that covers the question.
The benefit of updating content is that it might be easier to rank in the People also Ask question with a page that already ranks well.

What is the occurance index?

Each questions shows an occurance index. This index indicates how many times the question is found in the database. Of all the search results, the question that is shown most often has the occurance index of 100. The rest is below that number. If a question has an occurance index of 50, it means that its shown half as much as the question that is shown most often (occurance index 100).

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