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Look up the search volumes of up to 1400 keywords.

Keywords entered: 0/1400.
The list will be automatically deduplicated and cut off at 1400.

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How to use the keyword planner alternative tool?

Back in the day you could simply create a Google Adwords account and get all the search volume data you want. But, unfortunately, not anymore. Now you only see search volumes if you're ad spend is high enough. There is an API available for high volume ad accounts. Umbrellum has access to that API and has made it available via this public tool.

You can enter a list of keywords, up to 1400, and select a location in the world. The tool will then return the Google search volumes for each keyword based on the search volumes in that location. It will show an average over the year, but also the search volumes per month.

About the Google Ads keyword planner alternative.

This tool has a direct connection with the Google Ads API. You simply enter a list of up to 1400 keywords and the tool will return their search volumes per month for you.

Why not use the native Google Ads tool?

If you are not a big advertiser, you won't get much data.

Back in the day you could set up a Google Adwords account and use the keyword planner as much as you like. But nowadays you'll only see search volume ranges. The more you invest in Google Ads, the more data you'll see.

As most SEO's don't spend as much on Google Ads, this tool is a nice alternative. If you happen to have an MCC account with significant Google Ads volume, apply for an API and have your own connection with Google.

Umbrellum uses multiple API's, but this one is directly with Google Ads.

The search volumes are 'categorized' into buckets. So you'll often see the same volumes for multiple keywords. For example: you'll see the search volume 320 a lot, but not 330 or 340. This is because Google creates search volume buckets where keywords fall into. So the real search volume could be higher or lower than the search volume mentioned. But nobody will know except for Google. It is as accurate as you can get.

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