Track every feature on the Google search results

Track every feature
on the Google search result.

Umbrellum tracks all features shown on the Google search results and how you perform in them.

Featured snippets

Track where featured snippets are shown, if you rank in them, or what competitor ranks in them.

People also Ask

Insights into what People also Ask questions are shown the most for your keywords, but also who is ranking in them.

Everything else

Knowledge graphs, answer boxes, news carousels, twitter cards, Google flights, jobs, you name it. Umbrellum tracks it.

The value of tracking SERP features

Use cases for tracking SERP features

Get a better grip on your SEO performance by understanding what happens on the Google search result page.

Track your ranking in SERP features

SEO is so much more than only ranking in the op organic spot. Current SEO's are also focusing on featured snippets and people also ask boxes.

With Umbrellum you can track which keywords are showing these elements, who is ranking in them, and see your performance over time. Take your SEO to the next level.

Featured Snippets

People also Ask

Recipe carousel

Track ranking in featured snippets featured snippets rank tracking

Understanding keyword intent

The Google search result pages show a lot of information about the intent of the keyword. If the search result shows commercial elements, informational elements or branded elements you can use that data to determine the intent of the keyword.

This way you can determine what the intent of your keywords are.

Determine keyword intent based on Google's layout.

How to determine keyword intent Determine keyword intent of keywords

Diagnosing organic traffic problems

Ever wondered why your SEO traffic dropped?

It could be that features are showing on the search result page above you that weren't showing there before.

Umbrellum tracks everything that happens on the Google search result pages.

Track what features show in Google

Track your ranking on the entire layout of the search result

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Scroll depth on Google search result on Desktop ...
Often, the first organic search result isn't seen within the first viewport. And doesn't get many clicks.
Track rankings in Google features

What is tracked?

We track 21 SERP features

Track rankings in:

Featured snippets

People Also Ask box

Recipe carousel

Track SERP features

Local pack

Featured Snippets

Text ads

Google Shopping

Multi carousel

Google flights


Google jobs




Twitter cards

Knowledge graph


Answer box

Related searches


Stocks box

Knowledge carousel

News carousel

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