What keywords are your competitors ranking for?
That you are not

This tool finds keyword gaps for you: a list of keywords that you're missing on your site.

The Umbrellum toolkit.

The Umbrellum toolkit is a collection of tools that I've personally was missing in other tools over the years. I'm a freelance SEO consultant myself and built these tools to make my life easier, and because none of the other toolsets were providing these insights in they way I wanted.

Ranking Tracker

Ranking tracker

Most of all, Umbrellum is a ranking tracker that tracks scroll depth of your ranking on the search result. Next to that, it tracks your ranking in featured snippets and other SERP features.

Keyword tools

Keyword tools

Before you track anything, you need to know what your market is looking for. That's where the keyword tools come in handy. Simply reverse engineer your competitors, or get a broader view of your target market.

How to use the keyword gaps tool?

One of my go-to tactics is to optimize high performing pages for keywords I've missed out on. Often this is a really quick win for a lot of new clients, as they've never done it in the past.

I look for a page that is doing pretty well in Google. Then I'll look for new keywords the competitors ranking for with their page, but my page is not. Please note that I use 'page' in this explanation, as I do this on a page-by-page basis. Nine out of ten times I find keywords that are highly relevant that competitors are ranking for, but my client is not. As the page is already performing quite well in Google, a small change in the copy of the text is often enough to start ranking as well.

Normally, this would take me about a few hours exporting Ahrefs excel lists and working through those. So I created my own tool that does it faster.

What does the keyword gaps tool do?

Basically, it does the following:

  1. It scrapes the top 10 of Google for the keyword you enter
  2. It then looks at what keywords the top 5 is ranking for.
  3. It also looks what keywords your site is ranking for
  4. Then, it deduplicates the set of keywords the top 5 is ranking for, subtracts the keywords your site is ranking for.
  5. Now you have a list of keywords you're competitors in the top 5 are ranking for, but you are not.

About the keyword gaps tool.

A keyword gap is simply a keyword your competitor is ranking for, but you are not. Basically this tool looks at what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and you are not ranking for.

How is this tool different from other keyword gaps tools?

Personally, I found that the other ones I've tried didn't work that well.

There are a couple of other tools that give you a list of keyword gaps based on a list of pages you enter. But I've found that when I do the manual work myself (exporting ranked keywords from up to 5 competitors and deduplicating them, comparing them with the keywords my client ranks for), I get a lot better results. But it's still a lot of work! Therefore I've automated most of the work.

First off, most clients will most likely give you their business competitors when you ask them, not their SEO competitors. But from an SEO perspective, you want to know how you stack up compared to your SEO competitors, even though they might be Wikipedia. It'll give you a lot more insight on what the market searches for and what you have missed out on thus far.

Umbrellum has access to ranking data of most websites that have at least 1000 visitors per month. Data is often refreshed, but not everyday for all websites. The data is, at maximum, 14 days old.

Data in Umbrellum itself, by keywords you track yourself in your account, is updated daily.

The results from this tool give you a global overview of keywords you're currently are not ranking for, but that are quite relevant, as SEO competitors are ranking for them.

The reason you're not ranking for these keywords could be two fold: either you don't write about these exact keywords on your website, or your website isn't ranking well overall.

If the reason is that you haven't written about these subjects yet, than the best next step is to start creating content about it. If you have written about it, but it isn't ranking, the problem might be somewhere else: go check on your technical implementation of the site, or see if you might lack in authority compared to your competition.

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