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Find out what pages rank best of a particular domain.

The Umbrellum toolkit.

The Umbrellum toolkit is a collection of tools that I've personally was missing in other tools over the years. I'm a freelance SEO consultant myself and built these tools to make my life easier, and because none of the other toolsets were providing these insights in they way I wanted.

Ranking Tracker

Ranking tracker

Most of all, Umbrellum is a ranking tracker that tracks scroll depth of your ranking on the search result. Next to that, it tracks your ranking in featured snippets and other SERP features.

Keyword tools

Keyword tools

Before you track anything, you need to know what your market is looking for. That's where the keyword tools come in handy. Simply reverse engineer your competitors, or get a broader view of your target market.

How to find the best performing content of a competitor?

This tool gives you a peek under the hood of your competitors. It gives you an overview of the best performing pages of your competitors. You'll see immediately which pages drives the most traffic to their site and which pages are not.

The tool will give you an idea on the ranking distribution of a competitor. So you'll not only see which page is ranking for the most keywords, but also which page has the most top 3 rankings. Next to that, based on search volume, ranking and CTR of that ranking. A traffic estimate is calculated to give you an idea on which pages drive the most traffic.

How do I use this tool in my SEO routine?

This tool works great along other tools in Umbrellum:

  1. Pick a competitor. Find which page attracts the most traffic, or ranks for the most keywords.
  2. Take one of the pages that ranks for a lot of keywords, and enter it into Ranked keywords tool.
  3. This tool gives you the list of the exact keywords and search volumes that particular page ranks for.
  4. I recommend exporting the list of keywords and group them by subject. See if you want to create one page for all subjects. Or one page per subject.
  5. Start writing! And make sure, after you've written your piece, that all keywords you want to rank for, are one way or another covered in your piece.

About the competitor's top content tool.

This tool shows you which pages of a competitor rank best. Maybe you're starting out and want to see where your competition is getting most of their traffic from. Or, maybe you're looking for new content ideas. This tool is for you.

How do you define 'top content'?

The pages that attract the most traffic from Google.

Top content could be the pages that best convert traffic, but from an outside point of view you'll never know this. So, in this case, we define the top content as the pages that attract the most traffic from Google. They either rank for a lot of keywords, or they rank for a few keywords that drive a lot of traffic.

This tool won't return any results if the domain is new, or doesn't rank for anything yet. It shows results based on what is seen in Google search results. If the page doesn't appear in Google search results, this tool won't show any results.

Keywords you track in your Umbrellum account, is updated daily and will always show your up to date ranking of that day for the keywords you track.

Some websites rely on a few very good content pieces that drive most of their traffic. If this is the case you can use this tool to find those 20% and start creating content about it yourself.

Some websites are huge, e-commerce for example, and will have thousands of pages that drive traffic. In that case you can have a look at their url structure of their top content and see what sections in their site drive the most traffic. And focus on that.

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