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Scroll depth to first result ranking tracker
Scroll depth to first result SERP tracker
Often you need to scroll to see the #1 result, other times it's immediately visible. Tracking scroll depth will give you insight on how high you actually rank.

Ranking #1 doesn't always mean that much

Most ranking trackers simply track your ranking in the organic results. Umbrellum tracks the scroll depth and ranking among Google's SERP features.

This gives a more realistic view of your SEO performance.

Scroll depth

Organic Ranking

SERP ranking


Track scroll depth of your listing

The search results are richer than before. We show you how many viewports a searcher needs to scroll to see your listing.


We track every site on the search result

There is no limit in competitors we track. We save every result we see in Google and show all the data for each domain.


Ranking among SERP features

With Umbrellum you can track what extra SERP features Google shows and if you rank in the feature or not.

The value of tracking scroll depth

There are so many elements on the Google search results. You need to know how far searchers need to scroll to see your listing.

Scroll depth, a new metric

Historically you'd look at search volumes of the group of keywords and determine if it's worth ranking for. Nowadays that's a little different. You need to know if you can actually rank high on the search result page if you achieve that #1 position. If not, you can focus on other keywords instead!

Umbrellum tracks the scroll depth to your listing, so if features suddenly appear on top of the SERP, you'll immediately see this in your dashboard.

Mobile & Desktop scroll depth

Scroll depth of competitors

Track scroll depth changes over time

... ...
Scroll depth on Google search result on Desktop ...
Often, the first organic search result isn't seen within the first viewport. And doesn't get many clicks.

Track all your competitors

Most ranking trackers allow you to track a handful of competitors. Umbrellum automatically tracks every domain in the top 100 of each keyword you want to track.

When you literally track everyone for every keyword, you can easily spot new competitors joining the market, or what sites are hit the hardest after Google updates.

Keep track of all your competitors

Be the first to spot upcoming competitors

Track every domain ranking for every keyword

Keep track of all your competitors

Track ranking in SERP features

Google might show the organic search results far below the fold. But, you might be able to rank in the features on top of the search results. Like the Featured Snippet, People also Ask box, or the recipe carousel.

With Umbrellum you can track your ranking in these SERP features.

Track SERP features
Track featured snippets
Track People also Ask boxes
Track people also ask listings
People also Ask tracking
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