Keyword merge

Merge groups of words into a keywords list and look up their search volume.

Combinations: 0

The list will be automatically deduplicated and cut off at 1400 when retrieving search volume.

Keywords entered: 0/2000.
The list will be automatically deduplicated and cut off at 2000.

Retrieve search volumes


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How to use the keyword merge tool?

This tool merges lists of words into a new list, creating all possible combinations. If needed, it can also look up their search volumes.

Use it to create one big combinations list of multiple lists of keywords.

How do I use this tool in my SEO routine?

Use this tool to lookup search volumes in bulk. For example, you have an e-commerce business and want to know search volumes of your main product categories: "books", "laptops", "mobile phones". But you also want to know the search volumes of the combinations of those keywords with terms like "cheap", "best", "top", etc. Maybe you even want the combinations with "buy" and "2021" as well as a third option. In this case, the merge tool is perfrect for you. Simply enter these three lists in the three text fields and it will give you all possible combinations in the box below.

You can then delete or add any words you don't like in the box at the bottom and retrieve their search volumes.

About the keyword merge tool.

I often want to merge lists of words into all possible combinations of keywords and retrieve their search volume to see what my market is searching for. But, in excel I have to work with only columns and rows to concatenate combinations. And sometimes you need a third list to combine them with as well. That's why I built this toold. It gives you an easy and fast way to create all possible keyword combinations of three lists of keywords. You can even add a prefix or suffix, and change the seperator if you like.

Next to using it for keyword research you can of course use it for creating urls with multiple paramters/filters, domain name ideas or anything that you need to check out in bulk.

Using the keyword merge tool is unlimited, only fethching the search volumes is limited to a maximum per week.

How is this tool helpful?

It can generated a large list of keyword ideas in an easy way.

Let's say you've build a few cool keyword tools that you want to rank high in Google, (like me). Then you might start your keyword research by creating a list of keywords you think might have a lot of search volume. For example: best keyword tool, top keyword tool 2021, free keyword tool, best keyword research tool, top keyword research tool 2021, free keyword research tool, etc. Doing this by hand will take a lot of time. Using the keyword merge tool you only need to create three lists:

  1. List one: keyword tool, keyword research tool
  2. List two: best, top, free
  3. List three: 2021
And it will automatically create all possible combinations of all the lists. This way you can easily add one word to any list and it will automatically generate new combinations for you.

Merging lists of words, the main attribute of the keyword merge tool is available without limit. Retrieving search volumes for the list is limited to 21 per week. This includes the use of the other tools on Umbrellum.

If you want to use the keyword merge tool + search volumes more often, sign up for a trial of Umbrellum.

Play around with it, you'll soon see what happens when you start typing in the text fields. It works quite intuitively.

The best use case for this tool is to create a large lists of all possible keyword combinations to optimize for.

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