What I do

More traffic, a better customer journey, more conversions. Let's tie it all together.


Be found online. I help clients with their SEO, content marketing and social advertising strategies.

Conversion rate optimization

I help you find where visitors are leaving your site and what is missing in your customer journey.

Site performance

A blazing fast website. Because it's 2019, your site should simply load within 1 second.

The marketing channel blend

What would happen if you blend SEO and Google Ads? Have you optimized (SEO) your site for the keywords you're targeting in Ads? The demographic you're targeting on Facebook, what do they search for in Google? Do you have a customer journey for that demographic on your site?

If you blend marketing channels together the entire mix starts to make sense. You can use your knowledge from social to enhance your SEO. You can use Google Ads to test headlines on your site. Most companies stick at optimizing each channel individually, but that's the cherry on the cake.

The beauty hides in the synergies between marketing channels.

The umbrellum suite

umbrellum is more than just a consultancy business. To make my own life easier, I created a couple of marketing tools that help me in my day to day work. I'm currently tying the knots together and creating a frontend to make it available to the public.

Basically what it does: 1. The system suggests keywords on a topic, 2. You create a briefing and send it to your team. 3. The team can respond, and start tracking results.

Gone are the days of Excel files, Word briefings and exporting and importing lists of keywords from one tool to the other.

Want to see what else is going to be in there? Have a sneak peak.

I share everything

Don't take my word for it. Read the guides (live soon), try the tools, ask away on WhatsApp. It's free.

I share everything I learn in online guides. I don't hold back. If you have specific questions for your situation, message me on WhatsApp, I'm always happy to help.

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